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Tournament Information

Age Base: 9u - 14u  
Grade Base: 15u/9th Grade - 18u/12th Grade

must be submitted on line by Due Date, does not have to be complete.
$300.00 Fee must also be submitted by Due Date.  Otherwise we don't know you're in the tournament.

No Games will be played on Easter Weekend

Seeding & Schedules


                                                  1. DRESS CODE for coaches and players will be adhered to at all times.
                            2. There will be a 15 minute forfeit time as indicated in the NJ Basketball Rules. 
                            3. Tournament Director will rule in the event of extenuating circumstances.
                            4. Not bringing your electronic printed score sheet to game.  1 Technical Foul.  
                            5. Failure not produce proper documents those players will sit, and 1 Technical for each infraction. 
                            6. Missing your documents for the whole team, your team forfeits the game.
                            7. Any play down player must have original documents with them. (15u - 19u)

                            8. Jersey #'s Must be on Front & Back - Technical Foul for each infraction

 You are responsible to take your Score Sheet to each game.
Hand in your sheet to the scorer's table before your game begins.
Your Score Sheet is found on your electronic roster on the right side, scroll under Team Information

NJ District Boys Rules
Boys National Rules / Handbook
Advancement to Nationals

9u - 14u D2 are Age Base Teams
Teams with Grade Base players on them, can only play with Age Base during Districts,
Grade Base players may be added to roster for Nationals Grade Base Tournament, but only after Districts are played

15u / 9th Grade - 18u / Seniors are Grade Base teams

15u / 9th Grade D1
17u / Junior D1/2
16u / 10th Grade D1
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