How do I form a team?

Important Considerations

The four most important considerations in forming a team are developing a philosophy for your team, finding committed players, finding a coach, and finding a practice facility.


Develop the Philosophy

Will it be a participation team where everyone gets equal playing time or a performance team where playing time must be earned? If the coach and the players don’t buy into the philosophy of the team, it will eventually lead to problems and hard feelings.


Selection of Players

Will you run area wide or local tryouts? Will the tryouts be open to everyone or by invitation only? Are tryouts necessary or will you just select your team?  You will need to decide how many players you will have on the roster. Will you take athletes in addition to the roster size you agreed on? How will you divide the cost for all the activities of the club?


Purchase Membership
All Memberships can be purchased online at:
New member and returning members go to - Manage your Club and create your
account or sign into you account.


Background Screening!
Persons applying for an AAU Non-Athlete or Adult Athlete membership will be required to submit to a background screen first.  Applications will not be approved instantly.  Clubs, Non-Athlete and Adult Athlete memberships are no longer renewable.  You are now required to have a valid non-athlete or adult athlete membership when purchasing a club.


Develop a Budget

Once you have registered your club and it’s members, you need to determine the cost of the events you want to enter and how to divide the cost of tournament entry and travel. Be sure to include every expense that you will need to complete the list of events that you are participating in.  Keep in mind that you must pay to enter the event, get there, stay there, and eat while you are there. You can get a sponsor, solicit donations, host a tournament, or use fundraising companies.
If you find a local business or individual to sponsor your team, that business or individual must use the money spent as an expense rather than a deduction.  If you wish to solicit donations from larger businesses, then you must be a Level III club member and use the 501(C)3 designation. 

Any questions you can check with our National Office at 407-934-7200.  


Any questions you can check with our
District Office  800-228-4872 (only from a NJ area code) otherwise 732-291-2120. Once registered you may look for events to participate in, on our Distrist website  


That the AAU is an Event Operator and DOES NOT organize/sponsor the teams that participate in the program.

It is the responsibility of the players and their parents/guardians to find or start teams.

The Following guidelines are offered as a pattern to be used at the organizer's discretion.  

​The AAU does not endorse any particular Organizational process or claim to have exact knowledge of how to start or find a team.