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Boys Basketball
NJ District Rules






Coaches ask your players if they are playing for any other team. 
Advised them they can only play with ONE Club/ One Organization in the District Tournament, no matter what age group.

Rules of Play: New Jersey District Championship Tournament will be played under the National 
Federation of State High School Association rules, except where amended below and by the AAU Boys’ Basketball Handbook. 
For AAU Boys’ Basketball Rules/Handbook please click on Rules/Handbook 

1.   Player/Team Disqualification:  All Non athletes/coaches are responsible to see that their team meets all eligibility    
      If a player is found to be ineligible prior to the start of sanction competition, the player will be expelled
      from the competition and the team will continue.  
      If a player is found ineligible after the competition has started, the team will forfeit all games and the ineligible player
      will be expelled from the competition. The team may continue to participate, if applicable. 
      Both player and the coach is subject to suspension.  
Violation of this - Two (2) year suspension.

2.   Player/Club Attachment:  A player becomes attached (a member of) an AAU club when
      he participates in an AAU sanctioned competition, which involves Two (2) or more AAU clubs (this does
      not include practice or league sanctions issued by AAU. 
Violation of this – Two (2) year suspension.


3.   If a Coach or Player is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike behavior (not fighting), he/she will
      be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game.  If a coach or player is ejected from a
      game for fighting, he/she will be ineligible to participate in the game and receives
Two (2) Technical Fouls and is suspended for Two (2) games - suspension starts immediately, and BA District Sport
      Director must be notified.  If a coach or player is ejected a second time, he/she will be ineligible
      for the remainder of the tournament. 

4.  Coaches or Players who leave the bench to engage athletes or coaches on the playing floor may
     be suspended by the BA District Sport Director for any period up to the duration of the tournament
     or the following year.


5.   Seeding: Seeding will be based upon last year’s Districts results.  The top four teams will
      be given seeds.  Seeds belong to the Organization.  Unless the whole Team left the Organization,
      changed their name or more than 50% of the team has formed a new team.   All other teams will
      be placed into pools by random selection.  If Tournament fee is not in by seeding, that team will
      not be seeded. 


6.   Game forfeit: Will result if a team has not arrived within 15 min. of the available start time.  If a  
      game is scheduled for 11:15 there will be an 11:30 forfeit.  If previous game runs over 11:15, 15
      min. from available start time.


7.  Team Forfeit: If a team forfeits by not showing up to any of their games they will lose any
      National Bid. Even if they qualify at a Super Regional or Regional Tournament a team forfeits in
      pool around then that team will not advance to single elimination round.  If the team should forfeit
      in the Single Elimination Round, then they will lose their National Bid.  Teams that qualify through
      a Super Regional must participate in their District Qualifier in order to validate their bid to Nationals.

8.   Playing Times:





















9.     Press Rule:
        1).  For 7u, 8u, 9u, and 10u Age Divisions: Teams ahead by 20 points or more at any point in the
        second half must play defense behind their three-point arc.
First offense: Warning, Second and
        all additional offenses:
Two (2) shot Administrative Technical. 
       2)  For 11u and older: Teams ahead by 30 points or more at any point in the second half must
       play defense behind their three-point arc. First offense: Warning, Second and all additional
Two (2) shot Administrative Technical. 

10.  Coaches and players are prohibited from interacting negatively with the game officials before and
       after the contest.  Coaches and players must not have any physical contact with the officials.  
Interaction - Two (2) game suspension.  Physical Contact - Subject to permanent suspension,
Two (2) year suspension, and possible arrest.


11. Team Roster:  May 1st will be the date used to determine an athletes residence in a district.
      1) A maximum of 15 athletes and 4 non-athletes are allowed on a team roster.  All athletes and
          non-athletes must be registered AAU Members in the current year. 
      2) A team may have a maximum of 3 players from a bordering District (Cross Boundary Athlete).
      3) An athlete may only participate for one District.
      4) Roster Participation Restrictions: 
      4) All rosters used for District Championships must be submitted online at: Tournament Roster for
          teams to be allowed to advance to Nationals.

12.  Proof of must be available for review. see eligibility

       NOTE:  Players participating under grade eligibility exception must present an Original Birth
       Certificate and Valid Driver’s Licenses with picture, or Government ID., or State Issued ID. Failure
       not produce proper documents those players will sit,
One (1) Technical for the team. If the documents are
       not available, the team is subject to removal or DQ from the competition. 

  Score Sheets:  Not bringing your electronic printed score sheet to game.  One (1) Technical Foul.

14.  Uniforms: 

        1. Players' jerseys must have numbers on both the front and back.
        2. Numbers can be 0, 00-99.
        3. Minimum size of numbers shall be 2" on the front and 4" on the back.
        4. Teams competing in National Championship tournaments must have Light and Dark jerseys.
        5. Home wears Light jerseys and Visitor wears Dark jerseys.
        6. Violations of shall be penalized by a
two (2) shot administrative technical foul for each illegal jersey.
The penalty will be assessed at the time the player with the illegal jersey enters the game.


15.  All non-uniformed persons on the bench shall wear slacks, shirts with collars and sleeves and
       dress shoes or tennis shoes. Shorts, jeans, sweat pants, athletic wear, tee shirts, hats, and
       open-toed shoes are not permitted. 
1 Technical Foul. 

16.  No player is allowed to wear wave caps in the gym.  Players must take them off before entering
       the gym.


17.  The BA District Sport Director or Site Director will resolve any problems that arise during the
        tournament that are not specifically addressed. 


18.  Infractions: All assessments must be made prior to start of game.

19.  Protest:  A fee of $100.00 cash (refunded if protest is upheld) must accompany all protests.
       Protests must come from a non-athlete member listed on the official online roster for the event.
       The written protest must be submitted to the Site Director, Tournament Director.  Only decisions 
       involving the misinterpretation or misapplication of a rule may be protested.  No protest shall be
       allowed in matters involving solely the umpire’s judgment.  All decisions of the protest committee
       shall be final.

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